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Chicken Cutlet in homemade mushroom gravy

Chicken Cutlet in Gravy
I just started a vegan food blog since Im cooking so much these days. Decided it would be nice to document. Add it if you want. I would love to hear comments. I plan on posting quite a bit.


Vegan chicken cutlet with a chunky thick amazing mushroom gravy topping.
Chop up 2-3 fresh mushrooms and saute in olive oil for about 2-3 minutes.
make a roux with cornstarch or flour. I used about 2 teaspoons of cornstarch.
Mix together and slowly add a little vegetable broth and a little milk until you have as much gravy as you like. I dont use too much because I like super mushroomy gravy. constantly stir while it thickens. Add more liquid or cornstarch to create your favorite gravy.
Mashed cauliflower Steamed then mashed with a little butter, baked with a topping of bread crumbs and a good amount of paprika and some garlic salt/pepper.
Roasted potato/onion/garlic side again. Just drizzle with olive oil and spices, mix around. Bake for 15 minutes, mix again, bake until potatoes are soft and yummy.
crescent roll, buttered

This chicken patty is store bought. My roommate gets me free fruit and veggies so I can splurge on meat alternatives more these days.

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