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i've been poring over the backlog of recipes in this comm for some time, but haven't yet posted, so consider this plea for help my intro...

in the general way of things, i'm a really good cook and baker. i can take the world's most abysmal recipe and tweak it into something tasty, and i've had exactly one recipe fail on me, ever, and that was because one of the measures was just obscenely wrong.

all self-congratulation aside, though, i've been in despair over my cakes for years - they've plagued me since i began making them, back when i was a kid and omni. and it's kind of a weird problem that i have with cakes. i am perfectly able to coax the correct moist fluffiness out of them. they never fall, they're always uniformly cooked, never burned. i make a darn good icing, too. but the taste of the cake is always, always wrong. it inevitably comes out with a taste like Generic Chocolate Baked Good X (yes i only make chocolate, it is the one true cake) - good, but not dessert-y, not ohmygodmusteatmore decadent, which is the only acceptable flavor for a cake. the problem is not lack of sugar, although they're never quite sweet enough, and not lack of fat, although they're never quite rich enough... they're just oddly lacking, and it drives me nuts that i can't identify the missing ingredient - especially since i make additions like this easily enough in every single other recipe.

before being vegan i went through all the standard books, and now i've been trying everything from wacky cake to VCTOtW recipes to veganized standard recipes. nothing is working. i've just thrown out my 574th failure in a row. this is getting absurd, especially when i can do everything else flawlessly and cake really isn't rocket science, or brain surgery... or rocket surgery.

so. help? *bambi eyes*
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