Nicky S (nickys) wrote in vegancooking,
Nicky S

groundnut stew

Couple of quick and easy recipes:

Groundnut stew

Chop up one onion and either one whole pepper or two half peppers of different colours.
Saute in oil until soft.
Add about a handful each of four different types of frozen veg (I used baby carrots, green beans, cauliflower and brocolli)
Add in a tin of chopped tomatoes (with the juice)
Add approx 300g of peanut butter (about 2/3 jar)
Simmer for the 10 minutes
Serve with rice.

The original recipe this is based on adds spices as well, but my youngest is a bit timid about hot food so I don't bother. It's tasty enough without.

Oh and for an instant chocolate sauce add 3 teaspoons of Green and Blacks organic hot chocolate powder to one teaspoon of hot water.
Goes well with tinned pears and other similar stuff for a nice easy dessert.
(I haven't found any other brand of hot chocolate that has enough bitter chocolateyness for this to work, and cocoa requires a lot of stirring to get the lumps out...)
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