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So. I am a big NYTimes food section reader and I came across this super interesting article + recipe today: The Essence of Nearly Anything, Drop by Limpid Drop.

Basically, the premise is: you take food (they say anything from strawberries to baked potatoes with all the fixings to meat), puree it, mix a minute amount of gelatin in and then freeze it. After you've frozen it, you sit it in a strainer over a bowl and get a transparent liquid essence of whatever you pureed. I am not clear on whether the gelatin stays in it or not.

...you can probably see where this is going. If not, you're probably halfway through writing me a nasty comment about how this is a vegan cooking community and how meat and gelatin are evil incarnate.</wit>

If you're of the former, I posit this:

Do you think it's possible to do this with agar-agar? I've seen powdered agar-agar (Telephone brand--I think it is Vietnamese? You can get it at Asian markets), but molecular cooking just isn't something I know much about. Has anyone tried any veg molecular stuff a la El Bulli?
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