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Potluck & Soysauge

Hi. I'm new and am actually not vegan. However, I came here because I plan to try some vegan cooking/baking for the first time ever. So yeah, pretty new to all of this.

I'm participating in a local DIY fest here and I originally volunteered to provided baked goods. Vegan isn't required but desired, so I figured why not. Can try something new for myself. I also asked if they would like anything else other than sweets and desserts and I found out they are basically open to anything.

So I guess my question is--if you were going to a vegan potluck, what would YOU make and bring? I really have no idea since I have never done vegan cooking or attended a vegan potluck. It's something that starts in the early afternoon to the late night, so anything from desserts, snacks, lunch meals, dinners, etc. So far I've only got the sweet stuff--vegan cookies and maybe a vegan peach or apple cobbler.

Also, I went to a regional burning fest two months ago and an acquaintance fed me some "soysauge" (which I found to be delicious). Unfortunately, I didn't get his contact info so I can't ask him what's up or HOW DO YOU MAKE THAT AWESOME SOYSAUGE? Does anyone have any recipes on how to make soysauge? Or can you buy it in the grocery store?

And if along with your potluck ideas, feel free to provide any recipes. I would greatly appreciate it either way!

If this is in any way breaking the community rules, my apologies. I will gladly delete it if it is a problem.

Thanks so much guys!
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