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pumkin, tomato, basil & collards (yin)


I was just able to pick some fresh pumpkin, tomato & basil off the vine/plant from my partner's garden and now I want to make something that will go well for dinner & lunch/dinner for me 645a-730p school day tomorrow (F* paying $5 for something not as good that I could have easily made at home).

I also have some store bought collards & mustard greens & carrots as well as the usual vegan essentials and spices. Additionally, I just finished recovering from being sick where I (excuse my hippie-inspired-TCM-based methods) maxed out my yang foods so I'm trying to shy away from those now as to avoid an imbalance (ie. I'm aiming for no curry or ginger or anything that raises the body temp). So, with these base ingredients (or at least using most of the fresh fresh fresh ones) what dish would you recommend?

PS- tag people: tomatoes are fruits, not vegetables :P
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