[Megan] (vomitxx) wrote in vegancooking,

recipes for cookbook

Hey guys. :)

I am going to put together a cookbook for my sister for Christmas. & I am looking for some of your favorite family & holiday recipes.

They can be breakfast to dessert, it doesn't really matter. As long as you have tried it, liked it, & don't mind me using it in a homemade cookbook for her.

It would be a plus if the recipes were winter themed and/or Christmas & Thanksgiving themed. & maybe you cook every Thanksgiving, Christmas, any other holiday for your family.

Just looking for warm, cozy, family tradition type things. :D

Thanks in advance!!

[PS: I have no idea how to use tags so I'm sorry it's not tagged, but I really don't know how!]
Tags: holiday food-christmas, holiday food-thanksgiving
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