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Purple food!

Last weekend was Ecofest, a happy hippy festival in my local park. In one of the tents there were a few allotment owners selling their wares, I happily bought a bag full of tomatoes picked that morning! Amongst other things I also got a nice big red cabbage last week and have been enjoying purple food since. I love how the colour changes as you cook it, and then again as it sits in the fridge as leftovers meaning you can have in every shade you want!

The first meal was risotto. I fried up a bunch of onion, leek, garlic and red cabbage in a huge saucepan, then took half it out and set it aside for the next day. Stuck some arborio rice in with the remaining cabbage, added some stock, stirred, added a can of lentils, stirred, added more stock, stirred, added more stock, stirred, added more stock, stirred and that was that!


It was so good, I love unexpected risotto success, I've never tried cabbage in it before but it was great! And a good coloured risotto is always pleasing.

The next meal was some of the fried onion and cabbage and stuff, mixed up with some grated potato, fried again as little cakes (so much tasty grease) to go with tofu scramble for breakfast. Mmmmmmmmmmmm.


But there was still some of the cabbagey stuff left over, so the next day it was chucked in with some cooked pasta, some general stuff (cucumber, celery, aduki beans - heh, more purple, spring onion, can't remember anything else, but there might well have been!) and the rest of the raw cabbage, shredded. So very purple, so very tasty.


Looking back I just realised there was a dinner, a breakfast and then a lunch there. Damn, if I'd planned better I could have had a whole day of purple!
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