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Meatloafvegloaf sandwiches

A while ago (to be honest quite a while ago, I just forgot I had pictures until noticing them whilst looking for something else on my camera) my girlfriend and I managed to get tickets to go and see Meatloaf concert. And we realised that we needed to take something with us to eat before it started. So... meatloaf vegloaf sandwiches!

We made a vegloaf using the truly magical loaf studio the night before (and had it with mash, greens and gravy, very simple, very tasty)


and at the same time stuck a sweet potato in the oven to bake, so that the next day we could make:


MASSIVE meatloafvegloaf sandwiches.

They were wholegrain bread, in thick slices, spread with seasoned sweetpotato mash, then filled with fat wedges of vegloaf, perfect for eating in the car, listening to meatloaf tapes (I know, tapes, how old school am I?!) before going in to the concert. It was a perfect match, big fat sandwiches to go with the big fat hunk of a man himself. And he was great! Just as a bonus:


Oh, he was so good!
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