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cauliflower soup

Now that fall is here (I live in Florida... who am I kidding?) I've been thinking a lot about soup so I got a head of cauliflower this weekend and made some delicious Cauliflower "cheesey" soup tonight.

1 head Cauliflower
2 scoops (or so) Nutritional Yeast
Green Onions
Salt n Peppa
I can of Veggie Broth

I boiled the cauli florets with some garlic cloves (about 5 or 6 but really you could use more) til they were tender and then I put most of them in the blender (leaving about 1/6 unblended for texture). As I was blending the cauli I added the veg broth little by little until the consistency was where I wanted it. Return the cauli to the pot and keep adding broth until it's as thick a youd like. Add chopped green onions, more garlic if you'd like and two scoops or so of nutritional yeast. Spice it to your liking and there ya go! Mine turned out pretty darn hearty and yummy... but I'm a huge soup person. Hope you enjoy.

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