Твоя тень (miriena) wrote in vegancooking,
Твоя тень

Vegan and gluten-free...

I was wondering if anyone could help me get some ideas for food. At my wedding reception I'll have 2 guests (out of 25-ish) who are vegans, and one of them is also allergic to wheat, the other lady isn't, but she PREFERS not to eat wheat. I'll be getting them vegan and gluten-free baked goodies for them, but I'm a little at a loss as far as what to serve as a "main" dish kind of thing. The big problem is that we can't keep the food hot--no electricity at the site (park). So, I'd like it to be something that tastes good when on the cooler side. I'm thinking some kind of vegetable roast, perhaps?

Anyway. Any ideas are welcome, just something tasty, vegan and gluten-free.

Thank you! <3
Tags: -allergies-gluten/wheat, -health-gluten free
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