folkcek (folkcek) wrote in vegancooking,

looking for a recipe - fall pumpkin cookies in fun shapes

Hello fellow vegetable-heads.
I was wondering if anybody had a fabulous recipe they would like to share with me; I'm looking to bake cookies for a friend of mine (who is a baker himself), and I want to be able to use these nifty halloweeny cookie cutters i salvaged out of the back of my mother's cabinets... I'd prefer it if they incorporated pumpkin, but any other fall-feeling type spiced cookie recipe would do. I've made pumpkin cookies before but the batter was such that I don't think it would be conducive to rolling out and using cookie cutters on...
If any more experienced bakers than I have tips or recipes to aid me in my cookie quest they will be much appreciated.

Thank you in advance! !

and happy beginning-of-autumn (~~)
Tags: desserts-cookies-pumpkin, desserts-cookies-roll out/cookie cutter
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