miss_xo_ashley (miss_xo_ashley) wrote in vegancooking,

Quick, healthy soups

from so many things i've read, it seems as though soups are one of the best meals you can eat.  so many healthy veggies can be added as well as nutritional yeast.  i also love one pot meals.  i looked through the memories, and i've also been looking through google, but haven't found too much of what i'm looking for.

i'm trying to find some really easy soup recipes that are packed with nutrients.  i recently just put my own soup together, but it was just okay.  the soup i made was just a bunch of veggies and water with bouillon cubes.  i want to make something that really tastes good that i'll want to continue eating on a daily basis until it runs out.  at the same time, i want to try to get as many vitamins and veggies as i can get. 

if anyone could post or link me to some really delicious, healthy soups, i'd love you forever!!  if you have photos of the soup, that'd be even better!

i have no time lately at all, except for late sunday evenings.. so if i can make a pot of soup each sunday, that would be great.

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