jen (psykoinsane) wrote in vegancooking,

food Dehydrator Reccomendations?

So I looked in the archives and found a post on how to make your own food dehydrator. That is awesome, but does anyone have a recommendation for a store bought one? It needs to work fairly well and be able to make a lot of dehydrated foods. I am planning on hiking the pacific crest next year and am planning on dehydrating a lot of stuff for it (I am already making almost all of our backpacking gear so I don't have time to make a dehydrator as well-or else I totally would :). Also anyone have any good backpacking dehydrated food recipes? I got Lipsmackin Vegetarian Backpackin and a lot of the recipes look good, but any personal recommendations would be great. Thanks!
Tags: -appliances-food dehydrators
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