heather (pinksprinkels) wrote in vegancooking,

Edit: Kidney Bean Success, and Soup!

So, two hours and higher temperatures later, the kidney beans were done. Since my roommate and I had already used a can of pinto for our dinner of rice and beans, we were left with a pound of kidney beans.

So we're making soup.

It isn't done yet, but wow does it smell good. We blended the kidney beans with a can of stewed tomatoes and a big can of crushed tomatoes. Its already delicious. To amp up the delicious, we added taco-ish seasonings, lotsa lotsa cumin, some garlic pepper, you know, what smells good. The plan is to serve it garnished with fresh avocado slices, and for her, sour cream and cheddar (i'm sure vegan alternatives would work here too).

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