Goosey Loosey (lisamaria) wrote in vegancooking,
Goosey Loosey


 The best salad i ever had was out of a friend's yard, topped off with nasturtiums from his garden. Today at the farmer's market they had nasturtium blossoms there and i bought about 25 of them for $2 and put them on a salad of baby romain, cucumbers, golden beets, heriloom tomatoes. They have a crisp, peppery taste and could quite frankly replace 50% of your greens in the salad and taste so good. Just a reccomendation to anyone who hasn't used them before, to try them.

Just a side note, i made a really good dressing too. I kind of made it up as i went along, but i took a handful of cilantro and food-processed it. Added some oil and white vinegar, and a little bit of balsamic too. More oil than i would use in a salad dressing usually, but that's because i generally watch my fat intake. Squeezed some lime in there and put a little zest in. It didn't look like a lot of dressing at this point, and it was REALLY acidic. To add more body, and to cut down the acidity, i used about 1/5 of a small avacado, and threw it in. it didn't make it taste like avocado, but neutralized the acid a little and gave it some body and it was really, really delish.
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