fambai (fambai) wrote in vegancooking,

fig, mushroom and olive tapanade

If you are looking for a unique way to use some fresh figs while they are in season, here you go.  It is delicious!

3 portabello mushrooms sliced, sauteed in some olive oil and some balsamic vinegar
cook with a few sprigs worth of thyme leaves until soft and reduced
saute a chopped onion and a few garlic cloves.  add onion garlic mixture to mushrooms with about 5 fresh figs sliced, and a generous cup of pitted kalamata olives.
cook everything together over low heat for a few minutes.  add salt and pepper.  puree in food processor with a little more olive oil, and maybe a little more balsamic.

double recipe to make extra to share!

yummy snack with everything crackers!

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