una_waiting (una_waiting) wrote in vegancooking,

Jalapeno poppers!

I missed these little darlings, so I made up a vegan version yesterday. So, so good.


Cut off the top of as many jalapeno peppers as you can eat. Hollow them out.

Fill with vegan cream cheese.

Dip them in your favorite milk alternative (I used almond milk).

Roll them in flour (I used gram) and let them dry off. get the cream cheese part at the top, too to keep it from leaking out.

Dip them in milk again and roll them in a combo of bread crumbs and corn meal (about double amount of corn meal to bread crumbs).

Dry them off then repeat crumb mix 2 or 3 more times.

Dry them and then fry them in oil, turning them as they brown.

Drain on kitchen towel then eat.

so so so so good. Better than the real cheese kind I used to buy at the store.
Tags: appetizers
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