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foamy fluffy spicy pumpkiny chai latte

This one's pretty simple, but it just turned out looking and tasting so darn snazzy I wanted to share it. Plus I went all giddy when I stumbled across the new pumpkin spice Silk last week and wanted a use for it.

It's rainy and cold here today, which is the weather for a big warm cup of fluffy spicy deliciousness. As always, feel free to swap out your favorite brands and varieties of tea and nondairy milk; what I used here tastes perfect for fall. Make it in a really big cup.

2 chai tea bags (I used 1 each of Celestial Seasonings' vanilla ginger green tea & India spice)
8 oz. hot water
8 oz. Silk pumpkin spice soymilk
(or very vanilla, or 4 oz. of each)
optional sweetener
(agave for that whole chai-themed honey flavor, or any good flavorful unbleached sugar)
pumpkin pie spice

Brew up some extra-strong chai by chucking the teabags into the hot water and letting it hang out as long as possible. Meanwhile, warm the soymilk, then pour some of it into your cup (pouring tea into milk rather than milk into tea reduces curdling risk) and froth up the rest. (I used one of these.) Add the tea into the mug, sweeten if desired, and top with the foamy goodness and a sprinkling of pumpkin pie spice.

If you were to whisk in a spoonful or two of pumpkin with the soymilk, I bet it would up the snazzy factor even further. I'll be trying that ASAP :D
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