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Leek, mushroom and haricot bean pasties, and then pasta.

Being the chubby person that I am I was craving pastry the other day (or, more accurately, I routinely crave pastry and this makes me the chubby person that I am), so made some yummy little pasties to have for dinner.

They were leek, mushroom and haricot bean pasties, and were delicious!

Filling for pasties

The filling was made by gently frying onions and garlic, adding leek, adding chopped fresh mushroom, then some chopped rehydrated dried wild mushrooms, then some thyme and a little salt and a lot of pepper. I love thyme with mushroom, it's such a good combination. I then added most of the water that I had been soaking the mushrooms in, and a tin of mashed up haricot beans, let it cook for another five minutes to get rid of the excess water leaving just moist flavour-full filling behind.

Mushroom Pasty

The pastry was just a basic shortcrust, and that was meant to be a mushroom cut into the top to let it vent. Except when cooked we realised that if you turn it the other way round...

Happy Pasty

Happy Pasty!

Pasty with mash, broccoli and onion and chickpea gravy

Ate them with mash, broccoli and some onion and chickpea gravy that I had in the freezer. I love having gravy in the freezer, homemade convenience food at its best!

I made more filling than I was going to need so the next day I just chucked some spring greens into it and had it with pasta. Yum. It was such a delicious combination that I could imagine intentionally making it in the future, instead of just making it from leftovers.

Leek, mushroom, haricot bean and spring green pasta

I love pastry. And surprisingly good leftovers!
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