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miso soup & almond coffee recipe

easy & delicious miso soup recipe:
2 tbsp olive oil
a small block tempeh (i used onion&herb flavored tempeh) i believe it was 1/2 lb, cubed
a bunch green onions
2 cups white mushrooms
~3 oz rice nooldes, uncooked
brown rice miso
nori sheets (optional)

heat the olive oil in a soup pot - it will be easier with teflon but i used stainless steel (if you do use stainless steel, sprinkle some water in here to keep tempeh from burning). fry tempeh while chopping green onions. add onions to pot with tempeh. stir occasionally while chopping mushrooms. add mushrooms and cook for 5 min. then add 5-6 cups water and bring to boil. add rice noodles, reduce heat and cook until noodles are soft (usually ~4 min). turn off heat.
add 1 tbsp to an average size bowl. mash miso into a small amount of soup's broth; blend if you prefer less chunky miso. (don't cook the miso, it's fine to add hot water to it, but you will kill the probiotics if you add it to the soup). then add desired amount of soup. adjust miso amount to taste for future servings, as this takes some practice.
enjoy with a sheet of nori for a delicious & healthy feast =).

the almond coffee's not really a recipe per se... just wanted to point out to anyone else who hasn't found a comparable substitute for milk in their coffee (soy milk + coffee = foul in my opinion; rice milk doesn't do anything to take the edge off for me): almond milk is great. flavors the coffee a bit, add agave, it's better than cow's milk in coffee! actually, unsweetened almond milk with agave is great in general, with peppermint tea it's totally delicious too!
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