Pudding (puddingofevil) wrote in vegancooking,

Cooking for 15/Sides

I'm making a dinner for about 15 people on Tuesday night. Most of them are omnivorous guys from the deep south, which is making me slightly twitchy. However, they're nice guys and eat their veggies, so they're probably not going to be a hostile crowd as long as I don't go too far into the realm of acquired vegan tastes.

I'm thinking of making some sort of pasta with fall veggies, since everyone likes pasta. Butternut squash will probably be involved somehow, since I've been dying to try something like this since I had this excellent spicy squash pasta a few weeks ago. For dessert, I'm making apple cider cupcakes.

However, I'm having difficulty coming up with good sides that aren't incredibly starchy or too overtly vegan to go with this. Any suggestions? Also, if anyone has tips for cooking for a group this size, I'd appreciate them.

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