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New and delicious-looking vegan cookbook!

I thought this might be of some interest to people on the community, especially the UK-based ones.

Yesterday, the annual Anarchist Bookfair was held in East London. While there, I discovered that Active Distribution were launching a new cookbook, "Another Dinner Is Possible". It is a 200+ page ring-bound volume which is about 2/3 vegan recipes and 1/3 other related and interesting topics, with essays on vegan parenting, the consumer culture, the changes in eating habits caused by industrialisation, eating disorders and some fabulously useful tips of finding and cooking 'wild' food, growing your own veg, eating seasonally and cooking for large numbers of people. It includes recipes to brew your own beer, wine or cider, or to pickle and preserve fruits and veg. It also has a wonderful-looking baking section (a good test of the vegan cookbook, IMHO).

It's by Mike & Isy (also the illustrator of cute little feminist/diary comic/zine "Morgenmuffel", and a handbook on women's self-defence) from Anarchist Teapot, a group who do cooking for large events (G8 Summit, Climate camp, etc etc). They can be contacted via the Eco-Action website, while their publishers, Active Distribution, can be contacted here.

I got the book on discount for £8 - special ABF price - but it's normally £10. Oh, and it's done to UK measurements and standards, but it does include some conversions.

I'm so excited, I can't wait to give it a test run...

EDIT: Although it says £10 on the book, if you're buying it from the Active Distribution webstie within the UK, it's only £9.
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