Jenn (mercuryhime) wrote in vegancooking,

early plans for a german christmas dinner

guys, help me out! I need a convincing vegan version of german roulade. See link here:
The kind filled with bacon, onion and a bit of dill pickle would be ideal. I promised my boyfriend to make it for him for christmas because I know he misses the food from his childhood in Germany.
I was thinking of seitan, but I've had seitan with the slight stringy and tough-ish chewiness of slow roasted beef. And I've never had a truly convincing vegan bacon. :( I also need help finding a convincing vegan beef broth. any ideas on this?

The traditional sides would be potato dumplings and red cabbage. The cabbage is already vegan, but I am not sure about the potato dumplings. There's a particular kind I want to make but i haven't been able to find the recipe I want. My boyfriend's family made some for us when I visited them in Germany. They were large dumplings, the size of your fist, and slightly greenish in color. apparently, the are called green dumplings for green potato dumplings. the naturally turn that color somehow...oxidation? I dunno... and the texture is super dense and chewy. Kinda like a super chewy mochi. I asked what they put in there to make them so chewy, but apparently, it was just potato. perhaps it's a particular kind of potato?

I know there's a poster on here called weizenwind who would post german recipes now and then, so if you're around, please help me out!

I'd also like a recipe for zweibelkuchen (onion cake), but that's not christmas related...

Thanks a bunches!
Tags: ethnic food-danish&german, holiday food-christmas
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