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soy nog ice cream

it was pretty cold out today! but i couldn't resist putting soy nog to work.
no ice cream maker needed!

soy nog ice cream
- 1/4 cup silk cream (if i made it again, i would use probably 1/4 cup more! it wasn't as creamy as i would have liked!)
- 1 cup soy nog
- dash of cinnamon
- agave nectar to taste

- 4 cups ice
- 3/4 table salt
- 1 gallon plastic bag
- 1 quart plastic bag

put all ingredients in the quart sized bag. place the ice and salt into a gallon bag, and then place the quart sized bag inside. make sure both bags are sealed TIGHT! then shake shake shake until the quart sized bag is of ice cream consistency. it doesn't take long at all. wrap your bags in a towel during the shaking process to protect your hands from the cold!
it's pretty good! enjoy!

edit: i just froze this, and it freezes kind of like ice. it is much better when first made, so make it with a substantial craving or when a friend is around to help eat it!
and! i just told my best friend about the lack of creaminess, and he suggested vegan gelatin, because that's how he made ice cream like this when he was younger. do you guys think that would work?
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