Patience (yes, my real name.) (petienka) wrote in vegancooking,
Patience (yes, my real name.)

Stretching 4 Measily Brats into a Meal...

I have a package of veg brats, 4 to a package. But we're a family of four (including a teen boy and an almost teen), and while I'd personally be satisfied with a brat (plus fixin's), I know the rest of the family will not agree that four brats divided between four family members a meal makes. I'm thinking instead of slicing them up into something -- a hearty soup or stew of some kind? Casserole? A skillet dish?

How would YOU stretch your brats?

[Edited 11/9/07: Wow, here's a huge and grateful thank you to all who responded!! So many excellent ideas -- with many of the suggested items already in my pantry stores (taters/cabbage/kraut/onions/peppers/beans/zucchini) -- how handy! I have so many good leads now I'm anxious to roll up my sleeves (and I'm sure my perpetually starving family will be thanking you too)....]
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