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Caraway and Rye Bread

I bought some caraway seeds specifically for the cholent recipe from Veganomicon and it filled the apartment with that lovely smell. What else can I do with caraway? Also, it reminded my fiancé of some fantastic rye he and his family loved.

It came from the Chamberlain Bakery in Detroit. Though the site is still up, I've been assured that it closed years ago. We'd like to replicate it and give several loaves to my future in-laws this Christmas.

I know almost nothing about bread making; it could be pumpernickel, it could be simple rye. He tells me it had a dark, nearly black, crust with grayish crumb. It was incredibly dense (when my fiancé's father was a kid he and his siblings would compete and see who could cut the thinnest slices).

Any recipe recommendations or insights? I've searched the memories and I didn't see anything on Cooking Bread. I'm looking on vegweb, too. For the record, I do not have a bread maker.

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