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Basil/Garlic Polenta/Tofu Scramble on Toast

I made this today & it was tasty. I don't believe in measurements though, sorry.

You need:
+equal parts cubed tofu & precooked polenta (I'm obsessed with Food Merchant's Brand Garlic & Basil)
+splash of olive oil
+lots of Nutritional Yeast
+Paprika, to taste
+Basil, to taste
+Garlic Powder, to taste
+Salt/Pepper, to taste
Heat oil in sauce pan. When hot, add basil & garlic powder first, then tofu & polenta, followed by other spices. Cook until polenta & tofu are desired consistency (I like 'em slightly crispy). Mix same spice mixture with Vegenaise to make a tasty spread. Put everything on toast. You're good to go.

Wayyyyyyyy better than an egg sandwhich, I tell ya.
Tags: breakfast foods-tofu scramble
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