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Picking brains for my work potluck.

I am thrilled to have access to so many great minds and great recipes.

I have a three-day potluck coming up next weekend at work, and I am feeling uninspired.

Before I go blindly searching through recipes to narrow my planning, I wanted to get help from you.

I am the only vegan in my workplace and as accepting as my coworkers are, they never tend to bring snacks or food that I can eat. I have been smart enough to bring apples to the pizza parties and such, but I want to contribute something for everyone this time.

If you worked with me, what kind of (buffet-style potluck) treats would you want? I'd like to do something savory and something sweet.

Thank you so much in advance.
Tags: foods that non-vegans would like, party foods &/or potlucks
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