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Celebration Roast

Hello! I've posted before about trying to find a 'Celebration Roast' for Thanksgiving. The post is here:

Went to Whole Foods this morning to pick one up. I've heard great things about it from people online and I had heard it wasn't that expensive around $6 for the 1 pound roast...

Well I finally see them in the prepared foods dept. I picked up the teeny tiny 1 pound loaf (seriousy it fit in the palm of my hand that's how small it was). It was $13.90!!!! WTF!??? And that won't even feed two or three people comfortably. The 2 pound roast which probably would feed about 6 people was $30. I was gobsmacked. I think Whole Foods seriously marked up the price. I was so not going to go for that. So I decided to fall back on plan B. I picked up ingredients to make a Tofu-Tempeh Loaf. And I think I was able to get everything for under $10!

To those people who have seen Celebration Roasts at their local Whole Foods... Is it usually that expensive? I'm still quite shocked and disappointed as well. :(
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