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Thanksgiving Stuffing

Hello Everyone,
Me and my boyfriend are vegan and we will be making the rounds for Thanksgiving. We are going to a "friends" Thanksgiving and also a family one at my house- my mom thinks we're insane to be vegans and is not making anything special for us. My boyfriend also works at Whole Foods and he will be hard at work, so it is my responsibility to make our dinner. Here is my plan (written for your curiousity as well as to make me feel like I've got this under control):

Acorn Squash- (w/apples, cinnamom...)
Multi-Grain Frozen Rolls (yeah, I'm cheating here) + Soy Garden (I think it's better than Earth Balance)
Mashed Potatoes (with olive oil, roasted walnuts and artichokes)
Whole Food's Vegan Pumpkin Pie (My boyfriend works in the bakery and he thinks the Whole Food's vegan pie tastes better than the other brand's vegan pie- FYI)
Fresh Green Beans (olive oil, garlic)

Do any of you have any killer recipes for vegan stuffing?  
Tags: holiday food-thanksgiving, side dishes-stuffing
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