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Vegan Banana Bread (amazing)

my own vegan banana bread recipe


Mix these ingredients first:

1.5 Cup of whole wheat organic flour
1.5 Tsp. of baking powder
.25 Tsp. cinnamon


Add these in THIS order:

.75 Cup of Organic Brown Sugar
(mix as best as you can with the above ingredients, will kinda clump)
2 Tbsp. of rice (or soy) milk
.25 Cup of some sort of cooking oil. i used vegetable oil. it was cheaper.
then toss in an extra tablespoon of the stuff.


*now seperatly mash 4 bananas with a fork/blender/or some other sortof mashing utencil.

-try to get it to look like soup. thick banana-ey soup.

-it is ok for there to be small lumps left.


*pour the banana "soup" into the other ingredients and mix mix mix some more.


*you can bake it like that or

-add halved almonds, pecans, or walnuts.
(i used almonds-SO GOOD)

-if you do, mix in as many as you want. not tooooo much though ;)


*now pour into a greased glass pie pan, or a small bread/cake pan (duno dimentions)

tip: i used a napkin and a bit of vegetable oil and rubbed it on the glass pie pan, instead of spraying it.

* i also lightly sprinkled brown sugar and almonds on the top before putting it in the oven. (SO WORTH IT!)


PREHEAT OVEN TO 350F, and bake for 50 minutes

after letting it cool for 30 min. it was still hot so i cut myself a piece, cut it in half and lightly buttered it...and...yeah. so good.
i was actually worried bc i have never made banana bread, and especially VEGAN.
i think that using almost all organic ingredients really made it!

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