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Due to a really silly mistake I made yesterday while making the vegan pumpkin pie someone posted a while ago [tried to double ingredients in my head, somehow ended up quadrupling the first two before I figured out what I did wrong]I now have a lot of coconut milk blended with soft tofu in a roughly 1:1 ratio. Short of making three more pies [and then eating them all by myself within a week,] does anyone have a clue what I could do with such a mixture? I'd try experimenting but I'm not too familiar with cooking with coconut milk and I'd hate to waste food with another silly kitchen experiment gone wrong.

[The pie, by the way, was fabulous once I measured out the proper amount of coconut/tofu mixture. My brother thinks of himself as a super-macho-carnivore-football-player and even he admitted that it was good.]
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