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spice of life

upon returning home to atlanta and the dekalb farmer's market this thanksgiving holiday, i picked up a couple spices i had not used previously: GROUND fenugreek and star anise. i'm familiar with their flavor profiles and common uses, but have never actually cooked with them myself! what are your favorite ways to use these? (ps. i make a lot of indian food already and have a pretty packed spice cabinet, so don't be afraid to make complicated suggestions)

as a thank-you in advance, here's the recipe i used to make my
masala chai this morning:
serves two.

*approx two cups of water
*four whole black peppercorns
*six cardamom pods, lightly crushed
*eight or so whole cloves
*two big bay leaves
*a cinnamon stick
*loose black tea (to your strength preference)
(star anise can also be used in this tea, i know, but how many pods?)

boil and simmer water, peppercorns, pods, cloves, leaves, stick for fifteen minutes or so
add black tea, turn off heat on stove, steep three minutes
strain and serve! (i added stevia; soy/rice/almond/etc milk is good, too)

many thanks
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