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The Perfect Vegan Cake

Clearly, this recipe was made for me.  I love cake in all its forms and eat it whenever possible.  Before I moved to San Francisco, my friend K, who lived here, would invariably call me whenever I had just eaten cake or was in the process of eating or baking cake.  He found this hilarious, and took to inquiring about my cake intake every time we spoke.  That's how I realised that I have a fondness for baked goods that far surpasses that of the average human being.  When I went vegan, I was afraid I would never again know the joys of shoving my face full of sweet confections, but god was I wrong.  This cake is amazing.  So, without further ado -

The post-bake, pre-assembly mess in the kitchen.  I do not know how to keep the cakes from crumbling into pieces upon removal from their pans.  I guess I should've let them cool in the pan, but I only had one.  And no cooling rack.  I need my own apartment with all the proper cooking implements.  Note the taco shells from dinner, which I ate while the cakes cooled and the frosting thickened.


Looks much better with all the flaws hidden under sweet, sweet frosting.


slice of cake

Mmm... hyperglycemia...

The only modification I made was using only one type of cocoa (whatever kind I found in bulk at Rainbow).  It turned out awesome.  K was disgusted by the thought of tofu in my frosting.  We'll see what he thinks after he tries it!  :) 

Roommate C walked into the kitchen to find me washing dishes, completed masterpiece on the counter. 

"You made cake?  From what?"
"...Sugar... flour..."
"You didn't use a mix?"
"No, I made it from scratch.  I always do."
Pause.  "We have cake mixes."

Oh my. 
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