Victoria Lucas (nanachic) wrote in vegancooking,
Victoria Lucas

Quick Eats

Hello veg*ns.

I need some help on quick healthy meals. I've been working loads of hours lately and I don't really have tons of time to cook. I've been doing fairly well when it comes to lunch/dinner thanks to these:

they're FANTASTIC! I highly recommend them. Buuuuuuut what can I do for breakfast? cereal/rice milk just doesn't cut it for me. I'm really wanting to make the switch to vegan full time come the new year so i also don't want to eat loads of eggs/fake meat stuff.

What are easy quick breakfast options? What do you vegans who are strapped for time eat on a daily basis? Is there something I can do ahead of time to save a few steps when cooking in a hurry? I love tofu but pressing it takes forever. I'm sure there's an easier way to eat on a busy schedule.

Thanks in advance for the help!

EDIT: thanks for the suggestions everyone! I've been making the bfast burritos and tofu scrambles and they've been great.
Tags: breakfast foods(uncategorized), quick-meals
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