Miss Kitty Fantastico (bitter_moss) wrote in vegancooking,
Miss Kitty Fantastico

Baking advice

Two questions;

ONE: I received Vegan Cupcakes take Over the World as a gift recently, and am wanting to make some of the delicious little morsels but i live in Australia and as far as i'm aware we do not have vegetable shortening, which they use in most of the frosting recipes. Would i be able to just substitute margarine (which is already supposed to be in the frosting, alongside the shortening)? I have been informed that we do have vege shortening here, we just call it copha, which i'd always though wasn't a vegan product. Thanks for all the help so far guys, i love this community :).

TWO: Am wanting to make some vegan treats to impress someone, but they will probably have to last through a gig (not necessarily in the mosh pit, just sayin' they won't get to the person fresh). Was thinking of making some cupcakes, but my book is at home and i'm not, plus i only have a teeny tiny campervan oven and am not sure how my baking would go, and if anything bigger than mini muffins would fit (I made a loaf of bread in there and it turned out fine but it only just fit in the oven). I could use my neighbours oven but won't have time for a trial run then...So i am considering making carob nut balls - http://franlife.blogspot.com/2007/12/recipe-carob-nut-balls.html with the chocolate coating variation rather than carob.

So advice or suggestions for either situation would be great, thanks in advance :).
Tags: -location-australia/new zealand
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