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recipe card dividers

i'm working on this project where i print on both sides of a piece of cardstock and cut it into 4 recipe card dividers. (and i put some packing tape over the tab so it doesn't get shabby and stuff.)

currently i have the following categories. do any of you have ideas for other categories? when i'm all done i'll upload it so any of you can print them out if you want to.

1. egg replacers, snacks, salads and dressings, holidays
2. muffins, sandwiches, breads, breakfast
3. condiments, hors d’ouvres, sauces, beverages
4. stews, side dishes, greens, soups
5. main dishes, mexican, italian, stirfries
6. indian, ethiopian, middle eastern, asian
7. “meats” casseroles, grains, beans
8. cakes, cheezcakes, pastries & donuts, cookies
9. chocolate & fudge, fruity desserts, other desserts, pies
10. brownies, “ice cream” frostings, puddings
11. misc. american, quick and easy, soul food
12. french toast, pancakes and waffles, meats/veggies, “eggs”
13. quick breads, crepes, pasta, dips
14. donuts, pastries, fudge, chocolate (these are also above as combo tabs, but somebody might want to have them separated)
15. Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese
16. Bran, Banana, Pumpkin, Fruity (muffins that is)
17. chocolate chip, spritz/shortbread, sugar, peanut butter (cookies)
18. oatmeal, butter, ginger snaps, low sugar
19. chocolate, fruity (cookies? cakes? whatever.)
20. yeasted, vanilla/white, novelty/unusual, spice cake
21. alcoholic beverages, tea/coffee, dessert drinks, “milks”
22. family recipes, comfort food, kid friendly, potlucks
23. “pet” food & treats, cheez, candy, cupcakes
24. canned items, burgers, jams & jellies, low fat

they look like this, but i have them in PDF. i still haven't found freeware that will stitch them together into one PDF, so unfortunately right now they're all separate PDFs. i'll upload them to my shortly. (if one of you has acrobat, i'd love you forever if you could stitch them all into one file once all the categories have been created. ok, i think i found freeware...)

i think i can also upload the photoshop template to, so if you have PS and want to tweak it to your own needs, you have all the permission in the world.

i originally made it with each tab going half of the way across, but it was hard to navigate. 1/4 tabs are really easy to handle.

so yeah, what other categories do you want to see here? :-)
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