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christmas side dish

Hello, vegans! I'm going to be spending Christmas with my (huge) extended family for the first time this year. There will be one other vegan, and I think everyone else is omni, but they are trying hard to accommodate us. Now, I don't celebrate Christmas, so I really don't know what to expect, but someone was kind enough to email me the Christmas dinner menu, so I know what I could make that would go with the meal. Here is what the relatives have planned:
-chicken parmesan
-vegan casserole and corn casserole
-cranberry salad and caesar salad
-crackers with cheese and dip
-apple pie and cherry pie
-wine and sparkling cider
-ice cream
And they would like me to make two dishes--a dessert and some sort of side. I'd love suggestions for Christmasy omni-friendly dishes that would go with this meal, preferably involving ingredients that aren't too weird, expensive, or hard-to-find in a small conservative East Coast town. (This is involving plane travel, so I can't make something at home and bring it with me.) (And not being too expensive is important because I'll be cooking for like 25 people.) I'm thinking about some type of soup or maybe a rice dish or pasta salad? Or just some vegetable, since they seem to be fairly lacking in that area. But for the dessert, I don't know. The easy ones that I'm good at making are taken (pie and cookies), and I'd like something that's not TOO similar to either of those. Ideas? I'm not an amazing cook, but I can follow a recipe.
I know a couple of kinda similar posts have been made recently, but if you don't mind offering suggestions, it would be most appreciated. Thank you!
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