On se niin väärin! (aprilstarchild) wrote in vegancooking,
On se niin väärin!

Help me with my poundcake!

So I've made the poundcake from Veganomicon twice now. It's half the reason I bought the book!

Well, the only loaf pan I have is ceramic (I didn't have the cookbook with me when I bought it, oops), and the recipe asks for dark metal. Which is the only reason I can think of, that the bottom of my poundcakes are always underdone, even after baking at a titch higher temperature for over half an hour longer!

Anyone have some advice (besides just buying another loaf pan)? It's a glazed Crueset pan. I've thought of putting the pan in the oven when the oven is preheating, but I'm afraid putting cold batter in it would cause it to crack. I think the ceramic just doesn't heat up fast enough. :^(

The poundcakes are still super-yummy (everyone at work loves them) but I want them to be less mushy on the bottom!
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