Rogue Vigilante Spellchecker (superexcellent) wrote in vegancooking,
Rogue Vigilante Spellchecker

Vegan Cooking Starter Pack Ideas?

Hey everybody! I hope this is not off topic, since this is a cooking community and I have cooking questions...

My grandfather has expressed an interest in veg cooking. He's in his 80s, and loves to cook, and I want to make him a sort of starter pack. The trouble is, I need good ideas!

He lives in the middle of nowhere. The nearest grocer is 30 minutes away, and the nearest health food store is too far for him to even attempt!

I was thinking about putting together a box with a cookbook and staples, but I am having trouble thinking of good staples and a good cookbook.

It should be a book with tasty and down-to-earth recipes. For staples, I have TVP, nutritional yeast, shelf-stable soymilk, and veg boullion cubes. What else should I put in there? Everything is so easy for me to get, that I am probably overlooking something.

Thanks for any suggestions!!!
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