Nicole (matrixspaz01011) wrote in vegancooking,

Christmas with no oven?

So I'm staying in an apartment in Paris for Christmas and we just realized we don't have an oven. Most restaurants are closed and open vegan/vegetarian-friendly restaurants are rare enough already. We do have a toaster oven, microwave and stove-top.

My question: What are some good entrees, appetizers, desserts, etc. I could make for Christmas dinner that don't use an oven or any really strange or expensive ingredients (My French is bad enough already without having to figure out how to ask for some weird ingredient, hah)? Although, I did manage to find nutritional yeast yesterday and now have a box to use up!

I'm up for any recommendations on how to alter a recipe that would normally use an oven to work on a stove-top as well. The kitchen is pretty well stocked, but no blender, food processor, etc. Just lots of pots, pans, knives...

Any ideas for an oven-less Christmas meal?!? Besides mashed potatoes, I'm at a loss...

Recipes, ready-go!

Tags: holiday food-christmas
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