bionic motherfucker (orphe_) wrote in vegancooking,
bionic motherfucker

homemade yogurt

i'm thinking of buying some mimiccreme (for those who haven't seen it, a non-soy cream substitute available through pangea and vegan essentials) to make into yogurt. anyone ever use mimiccreme, or make yogurt with uncream instead of unmilk? my reasoning is that it will need less thickening... i hate the feel of yogurt with added thickeners like pectin... but i'm not sure that it will work.

on a related note, does anyone have a yogurt-making method that they particularly like? starter/equipment? i'm looking at buying this yogurt maker, but if anyone has a relatively easy home-rigged system that works well for them, or a cheaper yogurt maker that makes good yogurt, i'd love to hear about it.
Tags: -appliances-yogurt makers, substitutes-dairy-yogurt
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