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sugar cookie disaster

Help me, fellow vegans -- you're my only hope!

Last night, for Christmas, I tried to make sugar cookies using the recipe from page 119 of "The Joy of Vegan Baking" by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau. I'm not new to vegan baking by any stretch, but this was the first recipe I've tried from that book, which was a long-awaited Christmas gift.

I followed the directions, but what I got was not "a smooth batter" but ... crumbs. It tasted like sugar cookies, but looked more like damp graham-cracker pie crust fixings than anything else. Even after chilling, it wasn't really usable, and we ended up tossing the batch.

My only variations from the recipe were that I used whole-wheat all-purpose flour and turbinado granulated sugar. Could either of those have been my downfall?

I was heartbroken, and we were left cookieless on Christmas. Any ideas where I went wrong?

Thanks in advance for your help, and happy holidays to all.
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