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HELP!!! (with a very picky eater)

My boyfriend is an omnivore, but he's very open-minded toward veganism. I have no mind to convert him, because I feel that he will eventually make the decision for himself.

I love to cook, so I'm looking for recipes that he will try. Unfortunately, he is an incredibly picky eater. When he was a child, a surgery resulted in him being deaf in one ear, and his sense of taste is heightened as a result. Because of this, he is very sensitive to strong flavors. He won't even eat ketchup.

He loves:
asparagus, green beans, carrots (raw only), garlic, fake cheese, soy/gluten based fake meats

He will tolerate:
vegetables that are blended up, vegetables in minestrone soup, tofu if fried until crispy, onions if chopped very tiny

He hates:
pretty much any vegetable, Indian/Asian food, beans (though he might try them if they are blended), grains/couscous, mushrooms, broccoli

So far, recipes in heavy rotation are "cheese" lasagna, sloppy joes, meaty goulash, Boca burgers, pizza with fake cheese (he won't try it without cheese)...basically anything tomato based that has minimal visible vegetables and relatively bland spices.

Since we've been dating, he's been eating much healthier than his standard diet of steak, cheeseburgers, and mashed/fried potatoes. I, on the other hand, am gaining weight from all the procesed foods. I try to blend veggies and nutritional yeast into everything possible (with full disclosure) in order to get some nutrients in.

My plea:

-Does anyone have recipe ideas for someone with such a bland palette?

-Recipes for this person that aren't tomato-based? I'm sick of tomatoes!

-Vegan baked ziti recipe?

-Tried and true vegan meatloaf? I've tried and failed with numerous loafs. Extra points if it doesn't contain nuts because his best friend is highly allergic.

-Ideas for ways to convince him to try a vegetable more than once before deciding that he hates it?

-Has anyone ever made a relatively decent fake steak? I doubt this is possible, but he said to ask you guys.
Tags: -nutrition, pasta, substitutes-meat-beef
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