nicu (pour_vrai) wrote in vegancooking,

cappucino frother to recreate egg white effect?

A few minutes ago I put some warm soymilk in one of those simple manual frothers (the kind with a tall glass + a plunger-y thing with a mesh screen) and frothed it up all nice and fluffy for my coffee. When spooning it into the cup I noticed I could form peaks with it, and the peaks have actually held up quite a bit.

As far as I know, the vegan community has not yet found a way to replicate the similar ability of egg whites to whip up and form peaks for various recipes. Do you think combining some Ener-G with the right soymilk rather than with just water and throwing it into a milk frother contraption could do the trick? There's actually a bit of Ener-G in my backpack (carrying around baggies of white powder, always a good idea..) so I might give this a try later, though I have no other baking supplies here so I can't test yet how it will hold up beyond the frothing. Thoughts?
Tags: substitutes-egg whites
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