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new (to the com.) and book requests

i own several vegan cookbooks and am looking for some new inspiration - ive been a bad bad vegan (usually im finishing my kiddo's mac and cheese because i cant stand to throw food away) and need something to kick my ass back into gear.

here's what i got - what am i missing?

vegan with a vengence - love it love it love it
how it all vegan
vegan vittles
table for two
vegan deli
instead of chicken, instead of turkey
the chicago diner cookbook - i lurve this restaurant.
the mediterranean vegan kitchen
great good desserts naturally
japanese cooking - contemporary and traditional
the new vegan cookbook

i like anything from the asian continent, comfort food (mmmm..gravy) and soul food - (soul veg, the DC restaurant, used to have a cookbook but it's out of print and they had the BEST mac and cheese and sweet potatos.)  im pretty adventurous but do like to keep things simple as i have two little people and long prep time and tons of ingredients is a pain in to dupa.

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