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making seitan

If you ever wondered what the story of the wheat-meat was from start to finish, here is an abbreviated version from the cookbook La Dolce Vegan. This is abbreviated because if you want to start from scratch scratch, you start with wheat flour (such a recipe is found in Vegan Planet). After trying that this summer (and failing miserably), I was content to start with vital wheat gluten and skip days of washing and kneading. Cross-posted only to my own journal.

gluten gluten
Seitan starts out as gluten. You get this lovely blob to kneed for five minutes after mixing a 1:1 ratio of vital wheat gluten to water.
broth broth
Then you mix together a broth, which could be chicken, fish, beef, etc. flavored. This happens to be chicken-style, as laid out in La Dolce Vegan.
cooking the seitan cooking the seitan
The seitan expands while you cook it. This picture was taken a lower state. At one point it had risen to the top of the lid!
fried chicken-style seitan fried chicken-style seitan
After dipping the chicken-style seitan the flour mixture, then in soy milk and finally in a flour mixture (wheat flour, salt, pepper, paprika), the seitan is ready to be fried in olive oil.
gravy gravy
I made gravy with the leftover chicken-style broth by adding cornstarch. I will add less cornstarch next time. The gravy was a bit thick (but tasty!).
the finished product the finished product
I smashed a potato and put gravy on it. Complimented with my mother's broccoli, everything tasted delicious!
another angle of the finished product. another angle of the finished product.
This was sooo good. Great comfort food on a drizzly day like today.

Furthermore, you can freeze the leftover seitan! I fried a third of the seitan I made and froze the other 2/3 in the freezer. It lasts up to 6 months in the freezer or 6 days in the fridge. I thawed one of the servings this week and it wasn't weird at all.
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