Hetters (hetters) wrote in vegancooking,

Bean Burger question (I'm sure you all get this sort of thing alot)

I came across an amazing sounding recipe that someone posted. I have a question or two though.

First, the recipe was simple enough. Use refried beans to mix with crushed tortilla chips, salsa and diced onions. Form into burger shapes and let chill for a 1/2 hour or so.

My question is thus: Do I need to cook the refried beans first and then mix, or can I use them straight from the can? They said chill, but I imagine that meant freeze?

I see a lot of bean burger recipes that call for eggs, and since I am not in the habit of using eggs, is the tofu water thing a good replacement for this sort of dish? Any advice on the subject would be much appreciated, since I haven't made a bean burger before and the idea is really really appealing. Thanks in advance!!
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