moxie (moxieibiza) wrote in vegancooking,

Pizza help!

I'm on a quest to make addictive pizza that is not superbly unhealthy, such as the kind found at many a restaurant. I'd prefer this pizza to be vegan; Without cheese, I think it's especially important for the crust to be terrific. (But I must note, that I'm not necessarily looking for a cheese substitute--just yummy pizza, "cheesy" or not.)

Please post your best pizza crust recipes and pizza-making tips & tricks! I've read many of the memories about pizza and a lot of other stuff on the interweb, but want to hear your tried and true secrets about what you do to make delicious pizza!

While it tasted okay, dinner tonight did not live up to my expectations of what a pizza-eating experience should be like. Please don't tell me I have to go out to get the taste I'm looking for?

Spinach & Sundried Tomato Pizza, from dinner tonight:
Tags: breads-pizza-dough, ethnic food-italian
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